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Posted January 31, 2018


Warren Smith's tribute, telling of his personal friendship with Pastor Larry DeBruyn, delivered at Larry's Memorial Service on January 7th: https://youtu.be/NyUD_ZOMMlE

Larry DeBruyn 

It has been one of the great privileges of my life to have known, worked, laughed, and fellowshipped with Pastor Larry. Over the years we spoke continually on the phone, exhorting and encouraging one another as we each did our individual best to warn the church about many of the false teachings that were streaming into its midst.


Larry was not only a brilliant writer, he was a dynamic speaker who spoke powerfully and courageously for the Lord. His talks were always filled with Scripture and keen spiritual insight. And with so many persistent health challenges, it was always clear that Larry’s strength came not from himself but from the Lord whom he so faithfully served. Over the years and thanks to the Lord, we were able to speak together at conferences and gatherings in Wisconsin, Michigan, Oregon, California and Kentucky.

Larry and I had a running thing between us about the shallowness of so many of today’s contemporary praise songs. One song in particular repeated the phrase “I appreciate you Lord” over and over again with an over the top “touchy feely” emphasis on the word “appreciate.” We both felt the single word appreciate was so superficial and inadequate, and seemed to beg for something so much stronger in expressing one’s love for the Lord. Often in closing our conversation, I would say--- “I appreciate you Larry! He would laugh and fire back—“Appreciate you man!”

We were an odd couple. Me, the somewhat hang loose California social worker and ex-New Ager. Larry the more traditional Midwest pastor and Dallas Theological Seminary graduate. But it was abundantly clear that the Lord brought us together in His timing and I am so grateful that He did. It was a classic case of iron sharpening iron as we often complimented what the other was thinking and working on.

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Posted January 23, 2018

In Memorium: Pastor Larry DeBruyn

Readers of the Herescope blog know the late Larry DeBruyn as a scholarly writer of helpful books and articles discerning truth from error. But he was first and foremost a pastor, a gifted shepherd, who sincerely cared about people and actively ministered to them in their day-to-day lives. In fact, he once said that the ministry of discernment must arise from rugged ministry done in the trenches of real life with real people, not sitting at a computer in an office. Below is the testimony of his work in the trenches with one of his parishioners, Gaylene Goodroad, who spoke at his memorial service:


Pastor Larry (left) on the mission field in the Ukraine


“…for I know whom I have believed and I am convinced that He is able to guard what I have entrusted to Him until that day. Retain the standard of sound words which you have heard from me, in the faith and love which are in Christ Jesus. Guard, through the Holy Spirit who dwells in us, the treasure which has been entrusted to you.”
(2 Tim. 1:12-14)


By Gaylene Goodroad

I met Pastor Larry DeBruyn over a decade ago after fleeing from an unhealthy, errant church, that left me beaten down, weary, and even wary of “church”. As it happened, I had read a blurb on the Herescope blog about his book, Church on the Rise, that I wanted to read. When I contacted his church to inquire about getting a copy, I discovered that it was only a 20-minute ride from my home, so I arranged to pick up a copy of the book in person from Debbie, his faithful church assistant. Coming out of the church office that afternoon, my new book tucked under my arm, I literally ran into Pastor Larry walking down the hallway. He invited me to chat with him for a few minutes, but the minutes turned into almost two hours. We talked about church, and most importantly about our Savior, as this gentle pastor, yet unacquainted with me, heartened a very discouraged sister in Christ. 

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Posted January 17, 2018

Now Posted on YouTube

The Memorial Service for our departed friend Pastor Larry DeBruyn was held on January 7th. The service was officiated by his lifelong best friend, Bob Gifford, who pastors the Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Dale City, Virginia. The church people were doubly sad, as they had also just lost a longtime faithful missionary, Mrs. Doom; so viewers will note there are several mentions of her throughout the course of the service.

The service may be accessed at YouTube:


Pastor Bob Gifford opened the service with a beautiful sermon and moving tribute to Pastor Larry. He told anecdotes from their long friendship, as they both served the Lord in ministry. Pastor Gifford told how Pastor DeBruyn was obedient to the Lord at great cost to write on biblical discernment in the latter years. Pastor Bob's wife Jane then stood to read letters commending Larry's ministry while in the pastorate.


Pastor Bob Gifford remembering his friend Larry.

Warren Smith was unable to attend the service but, thanks to the technology offered him by Berean Call, was able to record a special message remembering his friend Larry which was played for the service. Lynn Leslie then read aloud the series of tributes mailed in (these are reprinted in our previous post). Some from Pastor Larry's mission workers also sent in video recordings which are included in the YouTube memorial service.

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Posted January 10, 2018

TRIBUTES to Pastor Larry DeBruyn

The following are just a few of the tributes that were read at the Memorial Service for our dear colleague Pastor Larry DeBruyn on Sunday January 7th in Dale City, Virginia. Pastor Larry's service will be posted on YouTube in the next few days. We will put up a post with the details.


October 7, 1944 - Dec. 28, 2017

When Jewel Grewe called me and said she wanted to hold a Discernment / Berean Call Conference in South Africa in January 2016, we were thrilled to hear that Larry deBruyn would be accompanying her. Having read his books and articles, we were looking forward to meeting Larry in person. Larry’s father-heart came through and we found him so easy to converse with and despite his own hardships he had experienced, his concern and love for people was evident. With a zeal and passion for the Truth he selflessly served the Church of Jesus Christ travelling to different countries with his precise teachings and power-point presentations that were a blessing to us all.   

The words of this beautiful hymn “Brother let me be your servant” reminds us of Larry!  He will be sorely missed by us all…  until we meet again… 

I will hold the Christ-light for you
In the night-time of your fear;
I will hold my hand out to you,
Speak the peace you long to hear.
I will weep when you are weeping,
When you laugh I'll laugh with you;
I will share your joy and sorrow
Till we've seen this journey through.

When we sing to God in heaven
We shall find such harmony,
Born of all we've known together
Of Christ's love and agony.
Brother, let me be your servant,
Let me be as Christ to you;
Pray that I may have the grace

To let you be my servant, too.

Julie Leo, South Africa,
The Berean Call & Discernment Ministries office

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