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Posted December 9, 2016

Just in time for the holidays!
A "Jesus" who especially speaks to women!


This page came up for "Jesus Always" in the Amazon.com search

By Sarah H. Leslie


Any book that puts words in the mouth of God (Jesus), other than the words of scripture, is giving those words authority they do not deserve. That is very dangerous, and it makes this a book a book no Christians should be reading. 

~Pastor Steve Hudgik, Should You RUN From Jesus Always? p. 171.


Just in time for Christmas season this year, there is a massive launching of Sarah Young's new book Jesus Always, subtitled interestingly enough Embracing JOY in His Presence. There's that word "presence" again. "Presence" appears to be the latest theme of the New Age Evangelical religion. Sarah Young's particular "Jesus" seems to especially desire that women feel his "presence". So this is how he is being advertised.

Previously we have written about the popularity of Sarah Young's books, especially this time of year. See "Merry Christmas from Sarah Young’s False Christ!" about our discernment friend Warren Smith's book Another Jesus Calling: How False Christs are Entering the Church Through Contemplative Prayer, where Smith suggests that Young’s “Jesus” sounds "more like the Grinch who stole Christmas than the man from Galilee; more like a stranger than a savior." We also examined Pastor Steve Hudgik's first book RUN! It's Jesus Calling in our review titled simply "KNOCK, KNOCK..."

This post is a brief overview of Pastor Steve Hudgik's latest critical expose' of Sarah Young's "Jesus" who speaks in the first person in her bestselling books, Jesus Calling and Jesus Always. Pastor Hudgik's latest book is titled Should You RUN! From Jesus Always? A revealing look at the Jesus Always devotional book. Here is Pastor Hudgik's book cover where his title urges people to RUN from Sarah Young's "Jesus":


Pastor Hudgik's new book is available at Amazon.com

or http://www.notjesusalways.com

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Posted December 1, 2016

Unholy Signs & Cash Flows


Bethel's example of Church working with Corporate and State


By Pastor Rod Page


“I dedicate this book to my children’s children’s children’s children. Though we will not meet until we get to heaven, I wanted you to know that I had you in mind as I wrote every word of this book, and I continue to hold you in my heart. You will become the answer to my prayers and the fulfillment of my prophecies. By the time you read this book, I will be watching you from heaven (see Hebrews 12: 1).[1] 


This quotation above is the opening dedication to Kris Vallotton's upgraded book called Heavy Rain. Its former title was How Heaven Invades Earth. At the outset it sounds like a way to soften, or even spiritualize, the more militant sounding “invade” language in his book from six years ago. I believe this change is part of a new effort to say the same thing in a more sophisticated, and yet more palatable, way in order to attract a wider audience. 

In this day and age where everything is seen from a marketing standpoint, as far as publishers and agents and business in general, it is no surprise that this would happen from within the headquarters of a now worldwide movement—Bethel Church in Redding, California. 

I am writing this from Redding as it is the closest city to where we live for groceries and doctors. It is also where I lived for several years. It's a pretty typical town in most aspects, with a Costco and an old converted theater downtown, and a mix of working people and retired folks looking for the sun.... It is even sunnier in Redding than Phoenix!

But Redding is actually quite special in regard to what is happening in Christendom. A phenomenon has grown up here. There is something almost “magical” about the effect that Bethel has had on this community. The city has fallen in love with this “church”. Is this even possible in our day of hysteria over “separation of church and state”? It is not separate in Redding. Bethel bailed out the Civic Auditorium and is running it well from all indications. Bethel is also becoming a major property owner. They have bought and improved several commercial properties and hope to increase their School of Supernatural Ministry to 3000 students in the next few years. (It is currently around 1400.) They want to build a museum of revival in Americana and have spent around $40,000 to purchase one man's memorabilia collection of articles from major “moves of God” going back into the 1950s.

Bethel is growing while the city of Redding has endured a decline in many facets. Crime is up. The housing market is flat at best. Homelessness is rampant. But Bethel is doing really well. I believe they know why. I think they have discovered a secret to moving forward at this time in their history. Before I get back to this subject let met tell you why I am writing this report. 

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Posted October 26, 2016

How to Discern Truth from Error

A new teaching series on DVD by Pastor Anton Bosch


A few months ago Discernment Ministries received a special request from a longtime supporter and active discerner. She was invited to teach a woman's Sunday School class in her local church and was in the process of seeking permission from her pastor to talk on the subject of discernment. While she was in discussions with her pastor, she e-mailed us wondering if we could recommend a teaching series on discernment. She wanted something that would address the basics: how to discern, what to discern, the biblical nature of exercising discernment, etc. We realized there really wasn't anything available that we could recommend.

This spurred us on to develop our own teaching series on discernment. We are, after all, Discernment Ministries! Pastor Anton Bosch was particularly enthusiastic about the opportunity to teach on this subject as it is close to his heart. He is well-suited to the task. Pastor Bosch is uniquely gifted in presenting biblical teaching in a style that is easy to be understood. His helpful books include Building Blocks of Encouragement: A Devotional, Building Blocks of the Church: Re-examining the Basics, and Contentiously Contending. (See his website: www.antonbosch.com)

Several of us headed out to Pastor Bosch's church, Sun Valley Community in the Los Angeles area, to spend a few days filming Anton's 7-part teaching series on exercising discernment. Pastor Rod Page volunteered to put together a useful Study Guide to accompany the teachings with an outline and questions for further study.

You will find the Discernment 101 teachings a suitable study series for Sunday School, mid-week or Sunday night services, Bible studies, home groups, or your own private study.

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